Know Huntsville Podcast

Know Huntsville presents: Alex Tries - The Downtown Huntsville Craft Coffee Trail

August 19, 2019

One this episode of Alex Tries, Alex adventures to the Downtown Huntsville Craft Coffee Trail and gets real, real caffeinated with Offbeat Coffee, Honest Coffee, Piper and Leaf, Olde Towne Coffee Shoppe, and Sugar Belle.

Alex’s coffee list.

Offbeat Coffee – “The Captain” A seasonal shot of espresso with an orange and vanilla syrup. Think a creamsicle with a mint garnish.
Piper & Leaf – “LaTea” A iced milk tea with coffee.
Honest Coffee Roasters – “The Holla Back” A jalapeno, blood orange coffee soda.
Olde Towne Coffee Shoppe – “The Space Oddity” A chocolate, vanilla, caramel latte.
Sugar Belle – “Chai Pain Killer” A non-coffee, spicy rum drink minus the rum and replaced with chai. “The Frozen Latte” An espresso, simple syrup and milk slushy.